What’s New

conference-room-1525888Changes are inevitable year-to-year when planning events.  This season we have made some that will hopefully enhance your experience.


MINI-CON:  The T4T will be a 1/2 day event finished by 12pm (or 1pm if you attend the Techno Jam).


BYOD–BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE:  For the mini-con, attendees are encouraged to bring their own devices (laptops, cell phones, and tablets).  While some presentations don’t require you to actually be logged on your device, it may help your development.  Presenters will let you know how active you need to be (ie. sit back and listen, OR follow me and get typing!).  It’s a good idea to make sure you understand how your device works; try navigating around the different drives and folders to familiarize yourself with them.  It’s another good idea to have administrative rights to make changes to your device, like being able to download software. We will have TESL Toronto “Tech-Perts” on site on January 21, but they won’t be able to make system setting or administrative changes for you, but they’ll definitely be good for some guidance and support.



TECHNO JAM: Imagine many of the conference’s presenters (and other experts)  sitting at tables, waiting for attendees like you to visit them, and then going into more detail from their presentations. Think of the Techno Jam as your chance to ask more questions and get more explanation. Or, maybe you never got the chance to see all the presentations you wanted; theTechno Jam is your time to network with other presenters.  You get a bit of everything.