Who and what you can look forward to…

Here is the link to the presenters’ resources.

Christina Cole—Using Screen Casting to Teach Suprasegmental Aspects of Pronunciation

Diane Ramanathan—Tutela 3.0 Updates and New Features

Joseph Ng & Hala Bastawros —PBLA Artefacts from GPS Location-based Field Trips

Kara Golani—Creating Engaging Content for Diverse Learners

Karen Cyrus—Breaking the Silence and Stopping the Race: Pace, Content, and Communicative Activities in ESL literacy Computer Courses

Kerstin Okubo—PowerPoint Plain and Simple

Manuela Ciuc—Nearpod in the Classroom

Michael Simpson—Ancestry Project: Model for a DIY Online Course

Mirjana Cutura—Making Teaching Materials Second to None

Nathan Bugden—The Integration of  Information Technology and English Teaching: Applying Gamification Principles to the Classroom

Nazila Eisazadeh & Shakina Rajendram—Social Media and Writing Short Stories

Ranjani Ramesh—Make Formative Assessments Fun!

Rob McBride—LINC Learning Technology Innovation Leadership

Ronen Geisler—How to Create an Online Shop for Your Digital ESL Courses

Vicki Enge—Pinterest: Not just for Planning your Trip Anymore


The full program guide can be found here.